Franco Luambo Makiadi and TP OK Jazz
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This page is dedicated to L'Okanga La Ndju Pene Luambo Makiadi. Congo and Africa's greatest musician, band leader and cultural icon.

Music Album
Songs Discussion
Elle et Moi by Koffi Olomide

Angela by Ndombe Opetum

Mamou by Franco Luambo (Translated)

Pesa Position by Madilu System

Maya 2 eme version by Simaro Lutumba

Eternellement: Fally Ipupa Feat Koffi Olomide

Iwasado by Nayanka Bell

Franco’s Attention Na Sida (Translated)

Music Album
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Koffi Olomide Praises Mugabe as a patriot

Picture of some of Tabu Ley’s 104 children

Tabu Ley has died

Name calling, now a major income earner for Congolese musicians

In memory of Likinga Redo


Dalienst, Josky, madilu, mangwana, Lugendo, Opetum, Youlou, Dialungana